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Common printer ink problems with solution visit our site.

When you buy a home printer, and you put pricey ink cartridges in will like your printer to work smoothly without any in this article we have discussed what you should do when you face issues related to ink cartridges. 
We tried our best to find out the common issues that occur with the ink cartridges.  and the solution for that problem. You can take help from this article or you can visit our site 
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Problem 1: The cartridge won’t work in the printer 
It's a very common issue for most of the printer users. When you put a new cartridge in your printer and the printer does not recognize it, and it shows an error ‘not recognized’ or the printer supposes the cartridge is empty and won't print.  
You can simply remove and reinsert the cartridge it will make them work. Otherwise, there could be an issue with your cartridge's chip. For this situation, and if all else fails, you ought to get a discount or replacement from the retailer who sold you the cartridge - particularly if it's an outsider ink sold as 'compatible' with your printer 

Problem: clogged print heads 

Starting a cleaning cycle on the printer is the best procedure for clearing a blog age to the print heads. Much of the time, this setting is easy to find in your printer's menu; however, it's best to refer to the manual for correct steps for your own particular gadget.  
It's important, on the off chance that you utilize outsider ink; at that point, it doesn't have the same formulation as printer-branded ink. In the event that it's a different consistency, it may stop up the print head, bringing about printed dots or missing colors 
If your printer uses a combined color cartridge, where you have three colors in a single cartridge, it's presumable that the print head is in the cartridge. For this situation, a stopped up print head isn’t the end of the world – when you purchase another cartridge it will have another printhead in it.  
but, if the print head is a piece of the printer then you can't get out of the issue, you might need to replace the print head. This might be less expensive to purchase another printer. 
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